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Playing, we've got Bastian, vix, Doci, Xia, Erin, Tesla, and me. I think small groups would work best -- maybe split that into two games, one of them a 3x3 grid with three players, the other a 3x4 with 4. Cool?

A possible list of twelve ghosts (so knock off 3 of them for the smaller group -- and don't forget your joker), on the suggested theme of "Famous folks":

1) The Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
2) Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
3) Napoleon Bonaparte
4) Elvis Presley
5) Superman
6) Ted Williams (the cryogenically frozen baseball player)
7) The Virgin Mary
8) Blackbeard
9) Salvador Dali
10) "A priest and a rabbi"
11) Wile E. Coyote
12) Mona Lisa

Is there anyone who doesn't like those ghosts, doesn't want to split into two groups, etc., etc.?
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